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Dallas/Fort Worth
Collegiate Housing Services (CHS) offers a shared housing program in full sized apartments typically within 10 miles of campus. Apartment rent, furniture, basic utilities and roommate matching are all included in your monthly housing payment. All students are on individual leases, which offers financial protection and allows apartment transfer flexibility.

Collegiate Housing Services (CHS) can assist with independent housing options. This type of housing is best suited for families, students bringing a friend, students with pets or students who simply like their privacy. You provide your housing preferences, amenities, and budget parameters and housing consultants will provide you with a list of properties that fit your specifications. Our Student Services Department can also provide students with local apartment lists or list of rooms for rent, if interested.
The UTI Dallas/Fort Worth campus is located in the city of Irving, which is situated between the major cities of Dallas and Ft. Worth and is considered an inner-ring suburb of Dallas. The campus is approximately 5 miles east of the DFW Airport. As the 2nd-largest state in both size and population, the state of Texas encompasses 268,820 square miles.
Public Transportation
The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is the Dallas public transportation authority that provides buses, rail, and HOV lanes to much of Dallas County. Discount student bus pass applications are available from Student Services.
The size of the state and the bigger-than-life attitude of some of its inhabitants has led to the saying that “Everything is bigger in Texas.” Another common term, “Texas-Sized” is used to describe something that is large compared to other objects of its type. Find out more about Irving and things to do by visiting the City of Irving’s official webpage.