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Career Services
UTI/MMI/NASCAR Tech offers job search support while you are in school and after you graduate. Our Career Services Advisors will assist in resume writing, job interview preparation and ways to search for employment opportunities that interest you. UTI/MMI/NASCAR Tech cannot guarantee employment or salary.

Early Employment Program
Jobs available to UTI & NASCAR Tech students only
Interview to work part time while in school with participating Early Employment Employers*

*This program will help you fast track your career for long term potential employment after graduation. Employers in this program offer TRIP and other potential Hiring Incentives with post-graduate job offers.

Hiring Events: Participating employers interview students on campus at scheduled hiring events. Students will receive a flyer by email/text with details of the upcoming interview day two weeks prior to the hiring event. The flyer will include the interview date, participating employers and a QR scan code to register. Two days before the hiring event, students will receive a reminder email with their assigned interview time.

Prepare for the Interview: Click on the link below, find your campus, locate the employer to learn more about the company and what they do. This will be helpful during the interview.

Post Interview: Students are contacted by the employer if selected, and will be provided with details on next steps related to the hiring process. Students should reach out directly to the employer to follow up if they do not hear back. Students may interview again with other employers at the next hiring event.

Tuition Reimbursement & Incentives

The Tuition Reimbursement Incentive Program (TRIP) was created to help companies attract top technicians by drawing attention to employers offering various incentives for graduates. These incentives could include tuition assistance, sign-on bonuses, tools and more. Skilled technicians are in demand, and employers are going to great lengths to recruit and retain talent, including graduates of UTI.

Links to employer specific Tuition Reimbursement/Incentive Flyers are available via the desktop version of UTI Go

Local Employment Program
Upon arriving to school for registration/orientation week, our Career Services Advisors will work with you to identify local employment opportunities. They will help you understand proper ways to complete online applications and interviewing techniques that can better prepare you for the opportunity. Check out our FAQs and other resources below.

Need Help?
We know employment while in school and after is a big deal. Although students like to start their search even before relocating to school we have found it is better to wait until you arrive. Local employers want to meet students face to face before hiring them.