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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Getting Started
We want your college education to be an affordable first step toward your future. Financial aid is assistance from government and private sources to help you pay for your education costs. You may be able to use a combination of aid types, such as grants, scholarships and student loans to help pay for your trade school education.
What is FAFSA?
FAFSA is an acronym which stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. FAFSA will determine your eligibility for federal grants, educational loans, and possible work-study programs. Learn more from the video below!

How to Complete a FAFSA?

First you will need to create an FSA ID online at This is also where you can complete your FAFSA.

If you need assistance while completing your FAFSA, check out the available resources below: 1. Register to attend a FAFSA Zoom Meeting:

1. Register to attend a FAFSA Zoom Meeting:

Students are required to register in advance for the meeting. To ensure a positive experience, last entry is 10 minutes after the meeting starts.

Financial Aid Checklist

For students using Financial Aid, below are the documents needed to get started on securing your funding:
  • FSA ID
  • FAFSA Application
  • High School Diploma/GED
  • Entrance Counseling
  • Master Promissory Note (MPN)
  • Allocation to Credit Form
UTI Scholarships & Grants
UTI is making more than 15 million in scholarships and grants available this year those who qualify. To learn how to apply and see a list of available opportunities, click on the button below.